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Ingenium’s fax services are among the best in the industry for Mission Critical Cloud Fax. Whether you need an on prem, hosted or cloud fax service, we have a great solution that will fit your needs and budget. Feel free to research here and let us know if you have an interest in discussing your organization’s faxing needs.

We are subject matter experts in HIPAA faxing for Healthcare, Insurance and Financial Service industries. We sign BAA’s and Master Service Agreements for clients that need them. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific faxing needs and how Ingenium can help you with your faxing mission.

Cloud Fax

Many companies have grown tired of managing paper fax machines and outdated fax solutions. If you are spending your time troubleshooting partial faxes, missing faxes, fax software and telco gateways, this service could be for you. Using an Ingenium Cloud Fax Solution is beneficial to the network team since you only have to manage a one time setup, instead of ongoing user management, complex upgrades and complex telephony integrations. We can provide everything you need to be sending and receiving faxes reliably in no time from email, Teams or an MFP.


FaxCore is an Award Winning fax server solution built for the internet age, with cybersecurity and encryption in mind. Companies that use FaxCore on prem have specific needs, such as dropping faxes to a local UNC path, fax enabling a fleet of copiers or MFP devices, fax enabling an ERP such as SAP or fax enabling a Healthcare application such as Epic, McKesson HPF or virtually any other application that can take advantage of FaxCore's RESTful API. FaxCore's web client is simple to use and does not require any software to be installed on the client pc. Cloud based telco is built in, from etherFAX, our global fax only delivery network with all copper lines and a higher reliability rate than using SIP. FaxCore is available as a monthly cloud service from Ingenium.


Do you know if your fax number is up? FaxTest can quietly place test fax calls to your important fax numbers to make sure they are operational and that faxes are completing. In the event a fax test is not successful, we will send you an email, SMS or PagerDuty alert. How much would it cost for your fax numbers to be down for a day or longer? With our affordable FaxTest monitoring solution, you will always be in the know should your phone lines break or your carrier does something strange to your important fax numbers.


Ingenium's Fax API is the easiest and most secure method to fax enable your RESTful application. Our leading Fax API is native to the largest fax network in the world, built with all copper lines and fax boards. We support over a dozen languages and provide sample test code and simulators to help you rapidly create faxing functionality for your application. No matter what kind of application you are developing, our Fax API will help you push and pull thousands of faxes thru our HITRUST Certified network. Get the most out of your fax development experience with Ingenium. and leave the faxing to us.


etherFAX is a patented fax delivery network that can connect to premium fax server brands such as FaxCore and RightFax to provide a virtual dialtone experience with dedicated telco channels and an unlimited inbound "never busy" calling experience with elastic inbound channels. The etherFAX global Secure Exchange Network can support localized fax numbers in just about any country that you desire. The etherFAX portal gives you complete control of monitoring your inbound and outbound faxing results, including Call Detail Reports for call validation and KPI's. EtherFAX is an Industry Disruptor that will change the way you think about fax forever. EtherFAX is HITRUST CFS Certified, a member of the Fax Federation and rated 5 Stars by Gartner Peer Review.


Yes, we can port nearly any fax number within the USA and Canada thru our one page porting process. We just need a copy of your phone bill, a list of the numbers you want to port, your service and billing address and we can get your fax number ported to our network. Fax numbers are property of the customer and will be returned at any time you ask for it. We will never take your fax number hostage like some other companies will.

Requesting a new fax number is easy with Ingenium. If you have portal access, you can use our self service tool to request a new local number from within the portal. Or, you can ask your sales rep or technical rep for the new number. We will need to know which area code and city you would like to have the number in and we will get the new number provisioned for you within about a day or less in most cases.

Ingenium provides elastic “never busy” fax channels that can answer thousands of concurrent fax calls to the same number at the same time. Using our network means that your customers will never hear a busy fax signal when sending faxes to your Ingenium managed fax numbers.

Adding a new fax user in is very easy. If you are a Super User or an Admin, login to and select Domain Management/Users. From there select the “new” or “+” button to add the new user. After adding the user’s account name and password, skip down to the bottom of the page and hit the “+” sign. Add in the user’s domain email address and select the check boxes for “notify on send” and “notify on receive”. Select the “Primary” check box and the email will populate itself within the primary address field. Hit save and ask the user to send a test fax.

RightFax Versions 10.x thru 22.x use the Windows Remote Procedure Call for communication between the client app FaxUtil and the RightFax server. If you see error 1722, this means that the RPC connection is not being made and you should take a look at the RightFAX services to make sure that all of the services are green and running inside of Enterprise Fax Manager. If your services are red, try to restart them. RightFax needs disk space to operate or it will stop the services. Make sure that you have ample available disk space or contact Ingenium Support for guidance.

RightFax requires an annual support plan to receive technical support, software patches and version point upgrades. If you have lapsed in your RightFax Support plan and have not been covered in a while, you may have to pay back support to get your RightFax Server reinstated. Ingenium Software offers per incident support plans for this type of situation. Our fee is $500.00 for a 2 hour block of time from a highly qualified engineer with over 20 years of RightFax Support. Ingenium also sells an annual RightFax Support plan from Opentext, which includes software entitlement. If you need a RightFax Support Quote, contact us. We will need a copy of the Opentext renewal quote or your SUID, which is your RightFax system ID, in order to provide a quotation. You can also call our sales line at 770-936-0600 Option 1.

RightFax and Opentext are Trademarks of Opentext SA.

In an analog phone line, 5 volts of electricity is what powers each ringing of the fax device or telephone. When you pick up the phone or answer the fax machine, the loop current stops flowing and the phone stops ringing. The voltage is enough to give you a pretty good jolt if you are touching the wires when the phone rings. With these Loop Current Errors, there could be several conditions that cause this error by the Brooktrout fax card. In some cases, you can reboot the RightFax server to rule out having an issue on the fax board side of things. If the issue still persists, you would look upstream to the devices that may be providing power to the phone line, such as an analog gateway or your carrier’s equipment in the Central Office.

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