The Fax Eploit

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Fax Exploit Discovered on HP Fax Machines – Faxploit

HP fax machines were discovered to have a dangerous weakness, we call this the Faxploit or Fax Exploit. The fax exploit discovered on HP fax machines is specific to HP fax devices only. A well known security research group did successfully compromised an HP Multi-Function fax machine by taking it apart and reverse engineering certain HP specific code. While their research was undoubtedly eye-opening, similar headlines and statements claiming that the “T.30 protocol itself has been compromised” are categorically false; a bit of drama designed to make headlines. 

More specifically, the researches were able to demonstrate the Faxploit by exposing a flaw in software developed internally at HP, rendering it vulnerable when handling color/JPEG faxes. If you own HP equipment in your organization, please be sure to apply security patches available from HP immediately. 

This type of attack is a reminder that much of today’s office equipment attached to our networks are computing devices, capable of causing potential harm and disruption to your business if not managed properly. Whether it’s a networked thermostat, printer device or music player in our home, both businesses and individual users of such products should always be mindful of security issues and updates whenever possible. 

As for etherFAX, rest assured that your connected systems are completely safe within the etherFAX Network. The etherFAX network and systems are not vulnerable to such an attack of this nature and further isolates our customers from such nefarious activity. It’s just one more reason why using etherFAX is a wise choice. 

Dialogic has made an official statement about this misleading research as well. You can read their response here:

If you are interested to read further on the research and the NIST detail analysis on this subject, you may refer to these additional resources: 

CVE-2018-5924 Detail: 

CVE-2018-5925 Detail: 

Center Point Research: 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  

RightFax® Support Policy Changes

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New Support Policy Changes From RightFax®.

RightFax® Support Contracts renew every year. It is very important that you are aware of the latest changes in policies that affect your renewal.

RightFax® has made certain changes to RightFax® Support Renewals that you must be made aware of. These policies are effective immediately. Here is what you NEED TO KNOW:

Decommission Policy: If there are any supported components of your current RightFax® environment (modules, channels, hardware, etc.) that you NO LONGER plan to use and/or support, you must ‘decommission’ those products at least 90 days before your contract expiration date. If these products are not decommissioned at least 90 days prior to your contract expiring, you will be charged for another full year of support on these products. Please contact Ingenium as soon as you wish to decommission products so we can help you.

Late Fees: It is critical that you renew your support contract on time. RightFax® imposes a 3% late-penalty (of the total cost of your renewal) that begins the day after a Support Contract expires, and an additional 3% every 30 days a contract remains expired. Please renew your contract with before it expires to avoid these costly penalties!

You can avoid costly penalties by taking a few proactive steps now. You can count on Ingenium to help you renew your support agreement prior to the expiration date. DO NOT WAIT when needing to decommission a product or renewing your support. We will work with you to make this process as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions, please call us at 770-936-0600 or reach out to your Ingenium Account Manager.

RightFax® is a Trademark of Open Text SA.

NCMEC Recovers Missing Children with Fax Technology

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We are very proud of our recent fax technology refresh at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children thru our partnership with Lexis Nexis and the ADAM Project. Since 2000, NCMEC has been distributing fax posters of missing kids to businesses all over the United States to assist law enforcement in the recovery of missing and exploited children. Since the existing platform was using outdated fax software, and needed to be updated, Ingenium helped the LexisNexis team supercharge the ADAM Project with FaxCore and etherFAX. Read the full case study here.


Your company can make a life changing impact in a child’s life just by signing up for these missing kids posters via fax or email. To learn more about how your company can help, please visit

Ingenium to Speak at FaxCore Partner Conference

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Madison, GA, USA, January 10, 2017 – Ingenium Software, a leading provider of secure information exchange, cyber security and infrastructure as a service, today announced that their president, Doug Olive will be a guest speaker at the FaxCore European Partner Conference in Malta on January 17th, 2017. FaxCore allows Ingenium Software to meet the growing and ever-changing faxing demands of its customers and prospects providing internet ready, next-generation fax software from FaxCore for cloud and on-prem implementations, including highly reliable and secure “fax boards in the cloud” from etherFAX. Read the full press release here.



Ransomware and Email Encryption

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JULY 26, 2016

Watch Kevin Mitnick and other Zix security experts talk about the greatest threats facing your organization today.

The struggle to secure sensitive data is real. The evolving threat landscape continues to present challenges for organizations looking to secure the data they transmit and retain. Any data that is stored, used and transmitted online and through connected devices is being exploited and monetized by skilled and motivated hackers.

Join Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous hacker, and Zix security experts for a discussion on some of the greatest security threats facing your organization today and how you can best mitigate the risks.

This thought-provoking webinar will be released on July 26, 2016. Register now to gain access as soon as it is released!

With the rise of cyberattacks and the growing sophistication of cybercriminals, addressing security vulnerabilities early is the best way to prevent your data from being compromised.


How to Report a Spam Fax

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Not many things are more frustrating to me than to be waiting on a real important fax and to end up with a fabulous vacation offer with airfare for only 99.00. Yes, I’m talking about Spam Fax or Junk Fax. But how did you end up on this list to begin with? How do you make them stop sending these unwanted faxes to you? Well, one might say lets queue up about 100,000 faxes and blast the spam faxer away for a couple days. I know, that sounds like a lot of fun but its really not a practical solution. Your best bet is to check the bottom of the fax for removal instructions and follow them. Another formal alternative would be to file an official complaint with the FCC. The formal Junk Fax Complaint process is really easy and you can do it all online by starting with the complaint from on the FCC website located here.

Everthing You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

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Technology seems to move almost as fast as the speed of electrons.  Just a short while ago clouds were a term used to describe atmospheric conditions that you learned about in 7th grade science class.  Now it’s synonymous with large scale enterprise class computing environment.  Still trying to make the transition?  Check out this webinar on Thursday!

Join us this Thursday, Dec. 19th, 2013 at 1:00 PM EST When Fred Tanzella CEO of Cirracore will lead a discussion on “Why Cloud Computing is Important”.  Fred is a veteran technology executive with roots in many security and software development fields.  His roles include high ranking positions at EAS, Critical Logic, i2Go, Air2Web, BEA Systems and AirDefense.

Join us to learn more about what Enterprise Cloud Computing can do for your organization.

  • Selecting the Right Cloud
  • Cloud Infrastructure and D/R
  • Running your Business Applications in the Cloud
  • Top Trends in Cloud Computing for the future

Registration is limited to the first 20 registrants so register NOW to secure your attendance.

Follow the link to register.   Register Now!